4 Must Have Software For Every Business
The changing era of dynamic business environment inculcating execution and management has undergone a drastic transformation. No more you will see a middle-aged person typing away furiously staring at his screen as he tries to stick to company deadlines. The conventional methods of operating the business and administering business activities are being replaced as they(0 comment)

Tech Fest 2017- A Revolutionary Celebration of Technology
Engineers Hub calls for the most awaited and knowledge sharing event of the year Tech Fest 2017 to promote technology, scientific thinking, and innovation all on a single platform. The event targets to create an incomparable ecosystem for students in science and technology and help them to awaken their future innovatively. Tech Fest 2017, going(0 comment)

Startup Meetup #3- Perfect Platform to Network with Investors & Mentors
Startup Meetup #3: Sharing ideas leads to growths and attracts opportunities. Ideashacks Coworking, invites all individuals having a Product/Idea to pitch and intending to setup a startup. Startup Meetup #3 offers platforms to start-ups for presenting their products and/or services to the potential investors, mentors and peers. Every startup gets an opportunity to get the(0 comment)

Packaged Drinking Water Plant – The Most Promising Business This Season
Packaged Drinking Water Plant Training – Idea To Actualization: With enormous diseases spreading due to severe water contamination during this season, water purification is the most concerning issue. Packaged drinking water not only safe by addresses concerns of prevention from various deadly diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid, Guinea worm disease, and Dysentery including others. To avoid(0 comment)

Get a New Vision for your Ideas with TEDxFMS 2017
Change drives life and change are driven by ideas. Ideas must be promoted and shared so that they can flourish and take a shape. People have great strengths and passion inside but hidden and need to be identified. You can now be a part of an amazingly exciting event TEDxFMS 2017 that would change your perspective to(0 comment)

Learn the Bepro Football Methodology
BePro at football! Football is like life, it requires perseverance, self denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority – Vince Lombardi. Truly said, out of so many games football is one game that is evoking and requires one to give their all! We are here with an opportunity for all the football coaches(0 comment)

How Can You Become Certified Scrum Master ?
“A Scrum Master removes impediments for the team”, according to the simplest definition of what a scrum master is and what he does. A Scrum Master is a servant leader helping the team be accountable to themselves for the commitments they make. Scrum is an Agile Framework that cuts through complexity to aim on building software(0 comment)

TechSparks 2017: India’s Biggest Startup Technology Summit
YourStory TechSparks 2017 The funding frenzy is over. The euphoria about startups is settling down to realistic levels. The focus is now firmly on building solid business models and disruptive, sustainable products and services that make a difference, make a mark, and make it matter. Since, 2010, YourStory TechSparks 2017 has been the go-to conference for(0 comment)