Learn the Bepro Football Methodology
BePro at football! Football is like life, it requires perseverance, self denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority – Vince Lombardi. Truly said, out of so many games football is one game that is evoking and requires one to give their all! We are here with an opportunity for all the football coaches(0 comment)

How Can You Become Certified Scrum Master ?
“A Scrum Master removes impediments for the team”, according to the simplest definition of what a scrum master is and what he does. A Scrum Master is a servant leader helping the team be accountable to themselves for the commitments they make. Scrum is an Agile Framework that cuts through complexity to aim on building software(0 comment)

How Entrepreneur starts with offering value proposition by providing customer solution
When we start any business. Biggest priority is to ensure this has right mix for profitable growth. This can happen when target customer feels some value proposition for startup in your offerings. Looks simple mathematics? Customer Value Proposition for startup ->ƒ (Business Offering) ≥ Customer Perceived Total Cost for the Business Offering Here comes the(0 comment)

5 untold salesman tactics to generate more leads
Salesman tactics article is exclusively crafted for a salesman like me who runs behind the number until 30th of the month and again start running behind the given target for the next month. A Life After Numbers. Sales is the only function where there is a direct unit of measurement for employee’s performance. If you(0 comment)

9 Tips to Ace Personal Branding
Are you finding it hard to create a unique identity in this competitive world? Are you willing to persuade people with unique presentation but failing at your attempts? If this is the case then you are not alone. The key question is how some people are able to make a mark as a BRAND, having(2 comments)