SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) Training | Delhi NCR |
Safe Program Consultant Training: Evolving with time, latest technology and methodologies help organizations gain the desired growth. Every Startup/organization is built with a vision to help people. In the journey of establishing to being established, enterprises are facing drastic changes in the way business is handled and managed. The growth of any organization lies on(0 comment)

4 Must Have Software For Every Business
The changing era of dynamic business environment inculcating execution and management has undergone a drastic transformation. No more you will see a middle-aged person typing away furiously staring at his screen as he tries to stick to company deadlines. The conventional methods of operating the business and administering business activities are being replaced as they(0 comment)

Tajurba Event : Get Connected with 300 Entrepreneurs
Tajurba Event: Are you an entrepreneur or an aspiring to become one? By listening to the many success stories of Startups, people have got motivated to become entrepreneurs themselves. However, the question is, what does it take to be an entrepreneur? Though it starts with an idea, the hardest part is its execution in the right(0 comment)

Tech Fest 2017- A Revolutionary Celebration of Technology
Engineers Hub calls for the most awaited and knowledge sharing event of the year Tech Fest 2017 to promote technology, scientific thinking, and innovation all on a single platform. The event targets to create an incomparable ecosystem for students in science and technology and help them to awaken their future innovatively. Tech Fest 2017, going(0 comment)

Startup Meetup #3- Perfect Platform to Network with Investors & Mentors
Startup Meetup #3: Sharing ideas leads to growths and attracts opportunities. Ideashacks Coworking, invites all individuals having a Product/Idea to pitch and intending to setup a startup. Startup Meetup #3 offers platforms to start-ups for presenting their products and/or services to the potential investors, mentors and peers. Every startup gets an opportunity to get the(0 comment)